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Property valuations

Industrial Property Transactions.

What value should I expect to receive or pay for either a  sale or purchase?

PropertySpecials can assist you with a free valuation based on the most common method employed in the industry. There are two possible scenarios in which you may consider using our service:

  1. You are in the market to purchase property.
  2. You would like to place your property on the market.

We would be very happy to discuss the valuation of your industrial property and will provide you with a reasonably accurate estimate based on achievable market rentals and some adjustments for any obvious maintenance expenditure of a capital nature.

Our service is free as it provides us the opportunity to expand our client base, however should you require a full valuation report we can arrange to provide a professional service which may cost you in access of R20000. This may be a requirement for business accounting and taxation purposes but it is an otherwise unnecessary expenditure.

The Investment or Capitalisation Rate method is baed on a simple formula but requires a thorough understanding of what constitutes net annual rentals and acquisition costs.

i,e Net annual income / acquisition costs. X 100

The higher the yields the greater the return on investment.

High yields are associated with greater risks for the investor.

Factors influencing net income are:
Gross market rentals
Rates and Taxes

Factors influencing acquisition costs are:
Due diligence
Technical inspections

Factors influencing the marketability of property are:
Location and accessibility
Appearance and functionality
Low operating cost contributors

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